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Generic Interfaces

In the TOBI project there are several research partners with each their own software solutions. In order to collaborate efficiently there was the need for creating generic interfaces to do research, independent of the software solution used. Such generic interfaces did not exist, so we create them.

Now that we have these interfaces available, we believe that they can benefit the community at large. Wouldn't it be great if your BCI software package could communicate with a new EEG amplifier out of the box? Or that you could seamlessly control a newly created app, without having to port the output of your system? Wouldn't it be beneficial to your research if you could measure EEG and NIRS together, without having to worry about implementing drivers and merging the signals? And would it not be great if the dry electrodes that you are trying to market will talk to any BCI software package at once? These are only a few examples of what would be possible when you implement the generic interfaces; a one time effort.

We aim to provide three interfaces. The first two are now available through our dedicated website at: The third one is in the final stage of preparation. Together they cover the data acquisition, BCI output and markers and events. Ee encourage you to try them and give us your feedback.


A Forum for the BCI Community

On top of these software interfaces we will push for a better defined community jargon, both in terms of terminology and metrics. Both sections will be gradually filled over the coming months. This is, or should be, a community effort. So if you want to participate in defining terminology or the metrics, please do drop us a line.

Details on our standardization effort can be found under Please browse our website and let us know what you think. We are awaiting your ideas!!!


How to Get the Generic Interfaces

To facilitate distribution of the proposed interfaces mentioned on, various platform independent libraries and tools have been developed. Those tools are available under a dual-licensing system. In case of appliance of either GPL or LGPL (dependent on the tool or library), they can be used under the regulations of the respective library. In case of commercial usage without appliance of the mentioned licenses, they can be used within an agreement between the respective institution responsible for the respective library or tool.


Pre-compiled libraries and executables can be found at


In case of any implementation related questions please use the projects discussion forum located at or raise a support ticket at in case of any bugs or requests.


For further information please visit