TOBI Workshop 2010

The TOBI Workshop will be held in Graz (Austria) on February 3-4, 2010.

For details on the call, please go to the workshop section


Important dates:

EPFL - Postdoc Opening in Non-Invasive Neuroprosthetics

EPFL - Postdoc Opening in Non-Invasive Neuroprosthetics

5th BCI2000 Workshop - October 1-3 2009

The 5th BCI2000 Workshop will be organized together with the Intl. Workshop on Advances in Electrocorticography.  These events will take place at The SagamoreConference Center in Bolton Landing, New York, from October 1-3, 2009.



AAATE Conference

5 AAATE 2009

The conference will be held from August 31st till September 2nd in Florence Italy.

BBCI Workshop 2009

BBCI Workshop 2009

BBCI Workshop 2009 July 8-10, Berlin, Germany

Call for Particiaption

Call for Poster Submissions 



7th NFSI & ICBEM 2009

7 th NFSI & ICBEM 2009

Demain Neuroscience -Bilan-

The well know Swiss business magazine (BILAN) presented research on Neuroscience and in particular Brain Computer Interfaces.

This article is in French only (be patient while viewing as it takes a little time to download it)

BCI for "locked in" aired on a popular TV show

The popular show "House" about a cranky doctor who helps patients with very rare condition, featured BCI and Locked in.

If you are interested you can go to and watch the episode 19 of the 5th season.



Technical University of Graz introduces the TOBI project in its Magazine

During its Winter Semester 2008-2009, the Technical University Graz introduced the TOBI project in its Research Magazine.

Full Magazine

TOBI article only


TOBI presented at the Ministerial Conference on EInclusion

AIAS handed out leaflets of the TOBI project at the Ministerial Conference on EInclusion in Vienna where they participated to the AAATE booth.


TOBI and Handimatica 2008

The AIAS and Santa Lucia partners presented the TOBI project at Handimatica 2008.


Thanks to our partners AIAS and Santa Lucia, the TOBI project was presented at Handimatica 2008. It got a great coverage on italian news.


If you would like to receive some excerpt of the coverage please do contact us.

TOBI participates to ICT 2008


TOBI participates to ICT 2008.

Please find the TOBI leaflet that was distributed to participants thanks to our project officer.

If you would like to download a print version of the leaflet, please contact us as the one that is on this news is not of a quality printing, altough quite heavy already.

Thanks a lot for your understanding


TOBI Kickoff: November 11-13, 2008

The kickoff of the TOBI project was held in Spain (Andalousia) from November 11 till November 13 2008.

The partners below shared 3 days in "La Rabida", a small village/monastry near Sevilla where Christopher Colombus prepared his trip to the Americas.


From top left to right: