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The following project currently active in the Seventh Framework program of the European Community for research area and to innovation (2007‐2013) requires the participation of a new partner to carry out certain tasks within the project.

Please note that the Seventh Framework program offers part‐funding not full‐funding of research activities.

Project grant agreement number: FP7‐224631

Project Acronym: TOBI

Project Full Name: Tools for Brain‐Computer Interaction

Language in which the submission should be submitted: English

Date of close of call: 5pm Brussels time on June 2nd 2010

Call Details

TOBI (Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction) is a large European integrated project that aims to develop practical technology for brain-computer interaction (BCI) in order to improve the quality of life of disabled people and the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

TOBI is seeking an industrial partner to join the consortium (

1        Background

TOBI consortium is coordinated by the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and is a multidisciplinary consortium which brings together a unique critical mass of first-level European research, bioethics, applied AT, industry, clinics and user groups, all working to realise the vision of brain-computer interaction.

The consortium has identified four application areas where BCI assistive technology can make a real impact for people with motor disabilities: Communication & Control, Motor Substitution, Entertainment and Motor Recovery. Moreover, the project also focuses on research areas, such as human computer interaction, mental state analysis, hardware and software architecture, hybrid development. This last area aims to develop a multimodal human-computer interaction, where BCI is just one of the possible interaction channels.

2        Objectives of the call

TOBI project already started in November 2008 and at the current stage (after the first 1.5 years), as originally planned, we are looking for an industrial partner to join the consortium, in order to perform the following tasks:

a)     Support the development of one or more Application and/or Research project areas, according to applicant experience.

b)     Actively participate in the development of TOBI industrial strategy to bring TOBI results in the field of BCI technology to the market.

3        Budget

The new industrial partner will be allocated a budget for up to 480’000 Euros to cover its participation in TOBI over 2 years.

4        Application process

Applications should be made in writing using the TOBI guideline for participant and include information about the following:

·       An overview of the relevant experience and expertise of the applicant.

·       The principal motivation for the company to join TOBI.

·       The project area the applicant would like to contribute to.

·       How the applicant company aims to contribute to the development and implementation of the industrial strategy of TOBI project.

·       Cost and funding breakdown

Applications for this tender should be submitted by email to: with the subject “TOBI Call for Industrial Partner”. All applications are treated confidentially.

Should you wish to discuss the project before making an application please contact Prof. José del R. Millán at the following address: or by phone at +41-21-6937391.

The successful candidate(s) will be notified by email within 1 month after the deadline.

5        Deadline

The deadline for applications is 5pm Brussels time on June 2nd, 2010.