The Brain Painting Application

This experiment demonstrates the concept of using event related potentials (ERP) in the brain as a control signal for a painting application.
To enable control a brain computer interface (BCI), command functions displayed as visual stimuli are presented which elicit specific changes in the electrical activity of the brain.
After presentation of stimuli, EEG analysis identifies which visual command induced ERP activity.
Finally, the desired item of the matrix is displayed on a monitor (“painting canvas”).

In the video we show those specific steps:
1. The participant concentrates on a specific item of the command matrix displayed on the screen. This elicits a brain response (ERP) which can be detected the BCI.
2. The ERP serves as a trigger signal for the BCI device, detected by electrodes mounted on specific positions on the head of the participant.
3. By selecting size, shape, color and cursor position from the matrix a painting is created by the user.

Below are examples of images created by severely motor impaired people using a BCI device and the brain painting application.

UW Brain-painting demo